The Great Weather Satellite Bake Off

Are you a fan of the Great British Bake Off but weren’t selected for this year’s line-up? Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered!

To coincide with the launch of the 2019 season, we’ve prepared a special competition for you…

Put on your chef’s hat and get to work at baking us a special space-themed treat!

What do I need to do?

We would like to see our fleet of satellites or facilities recreated using whipped cream, chocolate, sweets, ice cream - you name it!

Pick one of our satellites (you can find them here), our headquarters or one of our ground stations and bake it. If you’re feeling really creative, you can even invent your own spacey masterpiece in the kitchen!

Create delicious cakes, tasty bread, yummy cookies or delightful pastries - so long as your end design is baked somehow.

Bonus points will be given for creativity when displaying, for example, the satellite instruments or finer details.

You can have a look here for inspiration.


We’ll choose our favourites and send the winners a satellite image of the Earth on their day of birth (if born after 1981) or, a satellite image of the Earth on the competition end date.

The important stuff

Please make sure you read the following criteria carefully and ask an adult to check on your behalf if needed:

- This competition is open to participants of all ages. Only one entry per person can be submitted

- There are two categories: space and Earth. Bake one of our satellites or headquarters/ground stations (or invent your own design based on one of these two categories)

- Get as creative as you want with the ingredients and the shapes

- You might need some help from others - that’s okay! However, prizes will only be awarded to one winner and so, you must be the mastermind behind the project

- Please be careful when baking and get assistance from an adult if needed!


Please post some high quality photos/stories of your creation on Instagram and tag @eumetsatmedia using the hashtags #GWSBO or #GreatWeatherSatelliteBakeOff by 31 October.

Bonus points if we can also eat the cake in person :D

The competition will run for the duration of the series (10 weeks from now).

How will my entry be judged?

The judges will score and rank the entry videos/images based on the following criteria:

- Creativity & originality - we’re looking for a really imaginative bake

- Effort & time taken - extra points will be given to those that look like a lot of work went into baking it

- Aesthetic & design - we want to see how well you can replicate EUMETSAT satellites and facilities - it’s all in the details!

*All videos and pictures will be checked by the communications team at EUMETSAT (unfortunately, Mary Berry was not available)*

If you have any questions related to the competition, please don’t hesitate to get in touch either via the email address: or on any of our social media accounts.

We look forward to receiving all of your entries! Good luck to all participants.

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